More than 40.000 graduates
More than 40.000 graduates
98% of the students recommend us
98% of the students recommend us
We drive in more than 70 cities and towns
We drive in more than 70 cities and towns
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Always insights with our unique app

Guaranteed to get your driving licence? Order our driving lesson package with exam guarantee!

The Compact package is a frequently chosen driving lesson package at WOLF driver's license shop. This complete driving course consists of a basic training of 25 lessons, followed by an interim test (TTT). A follow-up package is then recommended if necessary. Your driving is then concluded with a practical exam. Included in this package is a one-time exam guarantee. This way you will be optimally prepared for the practical exam at the CBR.


What does the compact package contain?

The basic training

As soon as you start the compact package, once you are ready, a date will be set for you to take the interim test at the CBR. You drive the first part of your course (that is a minimum of 25 lessons of 50 minutes, these lessons include an interim test, practical exam and exam guarantee) before this measuring point. Then, if necessary, the follow-up package and finally the practical exam.

Exam guarantee

WOLF driver's license shop provides an exam guarantee on this training. If you do not pass your first practical exam, no extra costs will be charged for your 2nd practical exam.

What is an interim test (TTT)?

An interim test is comparable to a real exam and is administered by the CBR. The big advantage is that you have already experienced how an exam works, this saves a lot of nerves on the real practical exam. In addition, you can get exemptions for the special operations, which means that you no longer have to do this for your exam.

Follow-up package

Based on the results of the interim test or the mock exam, you make a choice from the various follow-up packages in consultation with your instructor. These packages vary from 4 to 24 driving lessons.



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