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Theory exam: online theory package with exam guarantee

Especially for the people who are now at home, we have a temporary promotion on our online theory package. This allows you to optimally prepare for your car theory exam. Then you will be ready when the CBR opens again!


Why a WOLF theory package?

  • 15 hours of online CBR exams
  • Available on your smartphone, tablet and PC
  • Up-to-date theory book
  • Exam guarantee
  • PROMO! Temporarily from 109,- for only 89,-!

In the theory book the current curriculum of the CBR is explained in a logical way. Use the 15 hours of online training and 40 practice questions to test your knowledge. The structure of the exam, the questions and answer options correspond to the official CBR exam. The online exams are accessible everywhere and work on a PC, smartphone and tablet.

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Exam Warranty

A number of conditions are attached to the exam guarantee. You must have completed the full training, all exams and questions. You must have completed and passed at least four practice exams in a row, in one session. If you unfortunately failed the theory exam after completing the training, you will receive your exam fee back.


Costs online theory course with exam guarantee

Theory textbook + 15 hours of online exam questions

Including exam guarantee! *

Now temporarily not 109,- but only 89,- **

* If you want to use the exam guarantee, you must meet a number of conditions. Ask for the conditions at the customer service.
** Excluding 4,85 shipping costs.

Order your theory package directly

Take advantage of our temporary discount and order the theory package now for only 89,- (normal 109,-). Enter your details below.

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